About breakdown cover

Although our car insurance comes loaded with benefits, even the most high-spec policies could do with a few bolt-ons to make your life a whole lot easier and put your mind at ease.

When you get a quote and buy via Sure Thing! you'll be able to add Breakdown Cover to your policy.  The Breakdown service is provided by Call Assist Limited and includes:

Roadside Assistance + Nationwide Recovery + Home Assist 

Key benefits

  • 24-hour, 365 day assistance
  • Nationwide Recovery - If your car can't be fixed that day, you will be towed home to anywhere in the UK!
  • Unlimited call outs - we'll be there no matter how many times in the year you may break down!
  • £250 towards alternative transport or car hire (with all levels of cover!)
  • Emergency overnight accomodation included - up to £75 per person or £150 if you're alone
  • If you don’t have your mobile phone handy or you're in a signal blackspot, we'll pass on two messages to your loved ones or your work to ease your (and their) worry!

Do note that policy terms, conditions and qualifying criteria apply.