New Speeding Guidelines

Tougher speeding guidelines will come into force for all drivers in England and Wales on Monday 24th April 2017. 

Drivers who break the speed limit could be fined up to 175% of their weekly income as fines are now determined in categories. The categories are broken down into Band A, Band B and Band C. 

If you fall into a Band A you can be fined between 25-75% of your weekly income, a Band B is 75-125% and Band C is 125-175%. You can find details of how these speeding bands could apply to you in the table below. 

The stricter penalties are in designed so that fines increase with the seriousness of the offence. 

Drivers could also see themselves being disqualified for up to 56 days and gaining 3-6 points on their licence. 


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